Andreas is a User Experience & Product Designer focused on human-centered design and strategic innovation with experience designing for governments, enterprise and sustainability. He has a diverse background in design ranging from products to services with a deep focus on process and research. He brings a strategic approach to any design problem he is working on. Andreas holds a Masters in Design from Emily Carr University and is active educator both at University and in the design community. 

His process is derived from human centred design methodologies, starting with problem identification and moving through research, ideation, prototyping, and delivery, all with the end user in mind. With a background in product design, service design and research he has a robust end to end design process that leads to engaging and functional digital interactions, products and experiences.

Andreas is currently a Product Designer at Pivotal Labs in Toronto where he advocates for users needs through research, and then designs products and enables clients with a lean approach to product development. Connect with him on linkedIn or Andreas.Eiken{at}


I'm a T-Shaped designer!



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